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Business Advertising

                The Trading Post - our advertising value just got better!

improve your bottom line with targeted advertising                                                Creating additional value
Business ad space is available at affordable rates and can be tailored to suit any size advertising budget. Submit your own artwork or allow us to create a design for you. With extensive experience in graphic art design, the Trading Post can create an ad and put a "new face" on your business. In addition to your printed ad and offered only to advertisers or distributors of our weekly paper, website ad space is available! We are the only advertising publication in Southern West Virginia, that also offers this exciting new option. Internet advertising is a fast growing market, and the Trading Post  provides your business a way to reach new customers. Connect to this audience, by combining the "internet option" with your printed ad.  Give us a call (304) 712-8686 to schedule an appointment or to discuss your advertising needs.

Business Advertising Rates

1/4 Page Ads


B/W Advertisement


$80 per month*

Approximate Dimensions 5" x 6"


Even small ads produce BIG results!
B/W Small Ad
$45 per month*

Approximate Dimensions 2" x 5"


1/2 Page Ads


B/W Advertisement


$125 per month*

Approximate Dimensions 6" x 10"


1/4 Front Cover

Front Cover Placement

Color Advertisement on cover page

prime ad placement

best visibility

$200 per month*

available.jpg (4279 bytes)

1/4 Back Cover

Back Cover Placement

Color Advertisement on our cover page

better visibility

$160 per month*

(currently unavailable)

Back Cover

COLOR Business Small Ad

$75 per month
Won't last long!!

available.jpg (4279 bytes)


1/2 Back Cover


Color Advertisement appears on
Back cover

$260 per month*

(currently unavailable)

* above rates are for 4 printings - weekly paper distributed every Friday